4 Paying Publications That Want Articles From International Writers


As a creator, I’m very privileged to be living in the United States. I’ve heard how hard it could be to write down for and receives a commission with the aid of some publications when you stay in other countries, which is unfair and a disgrace.

To assist, I desired to proportion some guides that work with writers from everywhere in the world, plus details on a way to pitch them. Keep studying for what I’ve determined to this point!

Side be aware: If you’re new to pitching, my compilation of writing articles can assist!

1. Vulture
What they look for
Vulture is New York Magazine’s amusement internet site. They submit reported tales on how films are made, how films cease, comparisons of TV adaptations, capabilities of the converting music landscape, and greater. According to what I’ve heard, they receive writers from everywhere in the international.

The new pitching guidelines for Vulture are on the internet site right here. There is plenty of vital and useful info to study carefully!

Next steps
In the guidelines, discover the editor that corresponds with the subject you’re pitching (inclusive of movies or podcasts) and e-mails your pitch to them!

The costs aren’t indexed at the recommendations, however, according to Who Pays Writers, Vulture commonly pays around $0.25 a word, greater or much less

2. Catapult Magazine
What they search for
Catapult Magazine covers subjects including identity, way of life, science, humans, circle of relatives, places, food, and extra. The awareness of storytelling and often publish personal narratives. As you'll with any guide, make certain you study the articles on the site (and the suggestions related under) to get a feel for what the editors need more particularly!

I don’t assume Catapult Magazine has a universal pitch manual, however, a number of the editors have written their personal! For instance, right here’s Matt Ortile’s, and here’s Tajja Isen’s.

Next steps
I don’t have all of the editors’ emails, however, the list of editors is on the masthead, and right here’s what I do have:

Matt Ortile, government editor, matt.Ortile@catapult.Co
Tajja Isen, editor in leader, tajja.Isen@catapult.Co
Write your pitch, see which editor it suits great, and press ship!

According to Matt’s recommendations, prices start at $two hundred and are negotiable. They pay within 30 days of your invoice and the book of your article. According to Who Pays Writers, Catapult will pay an average of $zero.10ish a word.
Three. The Economist — 1843 Magazine
What they search for
1843 is an area for narrative journalism that specializes in people from all over the globe. Some subjects you’ll see blanketed our own family, relationships, politics, struggle, technology, business, and science.

3 Guidelines
The pitching pointers for The Economist’s 1843 Magazine are on the website.

Next steps
Once you’ve studied the tips and written your pitch, e-mail an appropriate editor (as listed in the yellow segment of the pointers).

According to Who Pays Writers, this publication will pay nearly $1 a phrase.

4. The Unwritten
What they look for
According to the founder and editor on Twitter, The Unwritten is a tremendous place for private essays and opinion portions on chronic illness, disability, and health. You can write approximately how those topics intersect with other pieces of your lifestyle, proportion a funny tale, give an explanation for your journey to a diagnosis, and extra.

The recommendations are on the website online right here. Many of them also are listed in a Twitter thread by means of the founder.

Next steps
After reading the hints and placement, write out your pitch and email theunwrittenpub@gmail.Com.

While they receive pitches from throughout, they can best pay in USD and GBP. The charge is £75 / $100.

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