How to boost your success using the body code

How to boost your success using the body code

 How does emotion and body code work?

It works by identifying the underlying causes of emotional and physical discomfort and concerns. Using kinesiology, the certified practitioner releases the root causes of what has been ailing you and may restore you to optimal health and wholeness.
Some people feel better almost instantly, for some the changes are very subtle and seem to come over time after several sessions. Many people report feeling “lighter” after an Emotion Code releasing session as if a weight has been lifted from them. Emotion Code works well for all ages.
Your nervous system has two responses: the sympathetic response and the parasympathetic response. Both serve an important function in helping us process intense emotions like trauma and anxiety, but when we interfere with our natural ability to calm down, those emotions can get trapped in the body.

About This Gig

Trapped emotions and other imbalances can weigh you down and hold you back from taking the right next actions for a successful life. The Emotion Code and Body Code energy healing systems are alternative treatments that could help you boost your success. Others report it is useful for

  • relationship difficulties
  • well-being
  • creativity
  • empowered goal writing
  • calmness
  • and more

Here's your chance to release your first layers of imbalances in six areas (over 300 ways). It takes time to get through the layers, especially with a lot of past emotional and physical trauma. Be patient with the process and my belief is that you could be pleasantly surprised. I will connect with you energetically, and use muscle testing to identify and release imbalances. Then I will send you a detailed report of everything I found.


Example Report:

Blocks/imbalances removed +/- 1 year

1. Unhealthy Energetic Cording brain to brain (negative thoughts are influencing each other)

2. Trapped Emotion of Guilt age 9

3. Broadcast message of "Hate me."

Try out a $25 or $55 gig to see if I am the right fit for you!
Energetic imbalances can block your path forward in life - like invisible stumbling blocks. You can use the Emotion Code and Body Code to move them behind you! Let me help you release them energetically and see how much better life can get.

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