Ask a blogger or website owner what is their biggest goal in life, and you will get the answer:Getting traffic and building the Authority.

Are you overwhelmed by the unlimited ways of driving traffic to your website? You are not the only one.

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google for some competitive keywords. And yes, you all know SEO is a long-term game, especially when it comes to Google.

Now, the question is, which option would you prefer to increase your web traffic without doing SEO?

Do not worry; I came up with simple and guaranteed ways to boost your web traffic without doing one bit of SEO. Of course, this article does not contain every traffic boosting method under the sun, but I’ve chosen the simple and most powerful options that provide jaw-dropping results.

Are you willing to know the proven ways to get traffic without SEO on your website? Below are the 21 ways to drive traffic to your website without relying on SEO-driven traffic.

1. Quora

Quora is undeniably the biggest Question and Answer platform where users post questions and get answers from the community.

Remember that the link you post in the answer should be relevant to the question and not be promotional, otherwise, the community will ban your account. Quora can help establish your authority in your niche.

To get traffic to your website without SEO, find out the most helpful and informative content on your website, and after getting the most successful content, you can link to, start searching for questions where these links would work.

2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are usually filled with like-minded people interested in your business and prove to be a great source of driving traffic to your website. According to a study, Facebook has 1.73 billion daily active users.

You can join relevant Facebook groups for your brand, or you can also create your own Facebook group. Share relevant content, start conversations and reach your targeted leads.Facebook groups help drive traffic to your website, but it’s an excellent opportunity to know what your audience wants. You can also use Facebook Live or “Ask Me Anything” sessions to get more engagement.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is an emerging social network and can be very helpful in making a brand. But, do you know that Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Twitter and even LinkedIn?

Pinterest is a good option if you want to attract an audience with images and videos. Keep your content interesting, so more people click on your website.

Select an image representing the article and write a relevant description; write 1-2 lines for attention-grabbing. You can tag your friends or someone else too, in order to credit them.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the best way to get higher quality traffic to your website and is the world’s second most popular website.

You can create a bridge between YouTube and your site, and this will make it even easier to click on your website. Moreover, you can also add links to your homepage or a page that explicitly offers something on top of your YouTube Channel Art.

Add links to the description if you seriously want to gain considerable traffic on your site. You can also use cards to make it easier for viewers to find your website. At the end of every video, you can add a clear call to action CTA. Also, combine your CTA with a text; this way, you get a chance to communicate your URL in two ways.

5. Reddit

Reddit is considered the messiest and intimidating platform, but it has about 51 million users and over a million communities.

You can be a valued member of Reddit by bringing your top content marketing game. Target specific subreddits in your niche and drive the traffic directly to your site.

Create posts, submit links to your site, use particular tags if applicable to get more and more traffic. Also, host Ask Me Anything AMA sessions to get eye-opening results.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good choice if you want to get in touch with the business-to-business market. You can market your brand and also establish your credibility in the industry among peers on LinkedIn.

Optimize your profile, join groups, start a group, create a company page and share content relevant to your business. Furthermore, add a LinkedIn share button to your site and republish content to get traffic without SEO on your website.

7. Medium

Medium is the hottest traffic generating source today. Your targeted audience reads the content you share on medium, guaranteed. People use Medium because they know there is quality content, while marketers post their content because they know a targeted audience is on Medium.

Republish your content and engage with Medium influencers, comment on articles, post content, and include Medium in your content binging strategy to get traffic without SEO.

8. Guest posting

Guest posting is another valuable source to get traffic without SEO to your site.

When you write a blog or a guest post for a blog or website, you are allowed to submit your bio and your social media profile URLs to post at the end. This way, the audience reaches you and boosts the organic search rankings and direct referral traffic, resulting in better search visibility for your website.

Provide high-quality links as guest posting gives you inbound links, and these are very helpful in search engine ranking algorithms.

9. Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is the most underrated marketing source on the planet. In addition, industry forums are a valuable source of potential leads and customers.

Find a worthy forum and register on it and create a forum signature that helps to drive traffic. If you want to direct tons of traffic, then participate in threads and build your cables. Make sure you are adding value to a thread every single time you participate in a line.

10. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the most active social media users with a huge number of followers. Usually, people trust and care about what they say. Here, to give you an idea as 51% of followers trust what an influencer has to say. So, influencers are in the perfect positions and can help you spread your brand awareness and get traffic without SEO to your website.

Influencer marketing is mainly about promoting your brand through an influencer’s mouth. Because when you have the support of influencers, your brand gains more exposure to their audience and their audience’s network. In this way, you get more referral traffic reaching your website.

The principle behind influencer marketing is simple, share information about your business and websites with your influencers or friends who are more likely to share with others. So, the idea is to use social media and find influencers for shout-outs. My most favorite social media platform is Instagram.

11. Display Advertising

Display Advertising is an online advertising method that typically relies on multimedia elements to convey an advertising message effectively. This advertisement includes audio, videos, and images.

A display ad looks like a traditional banner ad or even a large text billboard. Whatever size you choose, you must know that it is used to stand out on any page. On the website, they are often present in some distinct sections booked for paid advertising.

The primary purpose of display ads is to start quick conversations about the advertised brand. With display ads, there are 70% more chances that targeted users convert into your customers.

12. Offline Bill Board Marketing

When you go on the roads, you see numerous advertising billboards, especially for local businesses. Billboard advertising is one of the famous and profitable offline marketing sources to get traffic without SEO.

Billboards on a G.T. road and high traffic areas are highly demanded and have a long waiting list of brands to use them. Depending on the advertisement duration, you can get your brand exposure via billboards for a month or longer.

You can create your billboard advertisement yourself, or the company can work with you to create one. Use either static or electronic billboards, or you can use both.

13. Getting Interviewed

You will be amazed at how many people want to talk to you to know you and your brand if you ask them. Interviews are not only for the big leagues; ask the audience through an e-mail, and you will get a positive response.

To boost your credibility and name recognition, post interviews on your blog and get traffic without SEO to your website. Of course, your website’s reach will also expand if the interviewee shares the content too.

14. Online Press Release

Press Release is the most advantageous way to market your business when you have little or no budget. Additionally, writing press releases is the most prominent way to drive targeted traffic. If you are not using this method, you are missing the most potent traffic-driven source.

Press releases help in generating links that may lead to increased website page rank automatically. Consider using a press release as another tool in your marketing toolbox to promote your brand.

This way, you can attract journalists with well-prepared press releases and be able to get hundreds of backlinks to your site. In addition, regular press releases may put a brand name at the forefront of the minds of folk.

15. Newspaper Advertising

Despite the technological advances, many people still prefer to read a newspaper. Moreover, newspaper advertising is the longest-running advertising method for businesses to promote their products and services.

According to research, about 70% of US adults read newspapers monthly, which shows that newspapers have a massive potential to deliver a message to people and urge them to act.

Newspaper advertising provides the benefit of better reach, focused targeting, affordability and flexibility, such as you can choose either classifies, inserts or boxes, etc.

16. Organizing Webinar

Webinars are a great source of engaging with the audience and delivering your best content. As there are no practical or geographical restrictions, many people can reach, but you need to stand out with more valuable and unique content than your competitors.

In addition, webinars can be short or long, totally depending on you, and would be a great source to deliver short and long messages or educational or training content.

Webinars can play a crucial role in driving traffic without SEO and are a simple way to inform the target audience about your business. Moreover, there are various ways to promote your webinars, including e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and others.

17. Offline Local Event

Offline events such as conferences, meetups, trade shows, and networking events are natural for running a business. Hosting an offline/local event may raise your brand’s awareness and can be translated into organic traffic, engagement and sales.

In addition, you can grab the attention of the local press and industry publications in your area. Nothing beats face-to-face contact when it comes to lead generation and list building.

Use your event as a golden opportunity and get the advice of customers and real-life customer service input. The event should not be expensive; instead, it should be about content quality, speakers, and guests.

18. E-mail Marketing

It is impossible to ignore e-mails, especially for Americans. According to a study, about 42% of Americans check their e-mails in bathrooms, and the rest do in bedrooms.

Make sure that you have secured permission to send marketing e-mails to users. You can ask them for an e-mail through a call and be very clear in explaining the purpose of getting their e-mail. If you have promised them to send only one e-mail in a week, then focus on keeping your promise.

Always send them fresh content; in this way, the audience will always be happy and excited to receive a new e-mail from you. You can provide the link too with your promotion, so it would be much easier to get your audience on your website.

19. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is one of the quickest and most popular ways to generate traffic by targeting audiences based on their search terms by having an ad appear next to a search result. Each time a person clicks on the ad, you have to pay a specific amount.

It’s a good idea for marketers to set a daily budget limit to invest in PPC campaigns. Moreover, this is the best way to raise your brand awareness and direct more and more traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads, and more leads means more sales.

20. SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a proven way to be a successful marketing strategy and has an open rate of 98% in the first 15 minutes after sending. And the average click rate through text messages or SMS marketing is 36%.

You may have sufficient space to add links, make users curious and compel them to follow the link. SMS Marketing is an easy means of marketing that helps reach your audience and get traffic without SEO to your website.

For better results, create a sense of urgency as the offer expires in a few days. Add links, and personalize your message by calling the customers their names. Make sure you are bringing value each time you send a promotional message.

21. Cold Out-Reach Strategy

Reaching out to thousands of people who have never been your customers and seeing what works as far as you convey your message is Cold Out-Reach Strategy.

Cold Out-Reach is an excellent way for marketers to get their word across to a broader region. A well-written e-mail can provide you with excellent results.

E-mails with personalized subject lines, surprisingly emojis, and CTA has more opening rates. Moreover, your marketing e-mail should be of 200 words and apply A.B. testing to increase the conversion rates.

Remember, these are valuable traffic sources to get surprising results, and your website will achieve more traffic. You can also get help from an expert digital marketer in this journey.

If you know some more powerful ways to increase the quantity and quality of web traffic, please let us know in the comment section. Thanks.