How to avoid denture face

How to improve your appearance with dentures

 Loss of teeth leads to bone resorption and weakening of facial muscles. Along with wearing dentures, this can cause your face to look different.

Dentures can make your face appear hollow, with a sagging chin or sunken cheeks and lips. If your dentures are too large, you can get a so-called monkey mouth.

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Can dentures make your face look bad? Here's everything you need to know.

How may dentures change your face?

The reason dentures often change the shape of your face is that after having teeth extracted, the bone remodels and resorbs. This happens in every case, unless you place dental implants to prevent the bone resorption. Everyone experiences the change at different paces, so you may not notice a change until you're had dentures for a few years.

Let's look at three things you will eventually start to notice.

Sagging chin

A sagging chin is also referred to as a witch's chin since it has a drooping appearance. It is caused the resorption of the jaw bone due to wearing traditional dentures. Along with bone resorption, the muscle attachments also change, which results in a less bulky appearance of the chin and more sagging.

Monkey mouth

If your dentures are too big, you'll notice that your lips and cheeks will protrude and give your face a monkey-like appearance. It's normal for dentures to feel big at first, but they should not look big. Similar to when you receive local anesthetic - your face feels big, but it's not.

The dentures might also look big because they're not properly aligned and the bite is not the way it should be. If you have to shift your jaw to get your denture teeth to come together, it will make the denture look larger.

Sunken lips and cheeks

Similar to the sagging chin issue, your lips and cheeks can undergo this same problem. Once the muscles and tissues begin to sag, it will result in sunken appearance of the lips and cheeks.

Patients experiencing this will have a hollow facial structure. In moderate to severe cases, the lips may no longer close properly which eventually results in cheilitis from the saliva pooling in the corners of the mouth.

How to improve your appearance with dentures?

How to improve your appearance with dentures


Why do my dentures make me look like a horse?

Dentures that are too big can cause your lips to protrude. In addition, if the lip does not cover enough of the tooth, it can cause more of the denture to show and give the teeth a larger appearance.

Can you get a better face appearance with denture implants instead of traditional dentures?

In most cases, you'll get a better face appearance if you pair dental implants with dentures instead of having traditional dentures. Implant-retained dentures can be much smaller, which gives them a more natural appearance.

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