Veganism seems to be the new fad these days. Not because Vegan food is healthier than meat and stuff; but mainly because there’s a growing awareness among people in relation to a healthier ecosystem that involves non-killing and zero exploitation of animals for personal needs. The “revolution” is seemingly here to stay; with America having witnessed a skyrocketing 600% increase in converts since 2014 and the UK not being left far behind with an average 350% surge in their vegan numbers. The rest of the world is catching up too. Kenya included.

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As the transition to veganism picks pace globally, it now seems increasingly easy to travel as a vegan. While Kenya has catered to plant-based diets for years, it was and still is to a large extent a bit difficult to find restaurants and/or accommodations that solely cater to herbivores – aside from Indian restaurants of course! – making it quite a difficult adjustment to your culinary tastes when you have to travel.

Experiencing other cultures and traditions is all swell – but if your interests lie more towards exploring the greener world around you as a vegan, Jenny Traven, let’s you in on 5 things you could do to not only make your trip a little bit more seamless but also benefit the planet and other people while at it.

  1. Select the destination carefully

Give a good thought in choosing your desired destination. Research is everything! Being vegan, you obviously want to find out where the nearest vegan restaurant/café would be from where you’d be putting up – Google maps is your friend here. Your accommodation choice would also be dependent on whether the establishment offers plant-based diets or if they could recommend alternative eateries/supermarkets within their area.

  1. Vegan restaurants galore

Even before you start, you dream of enjoying local yet tasty delicacies on your trip.

Travel bloggers believe that native and healthy foods are a prerogative of travelers. You just can’t keep them away from the popular food street. It’s like, if they haven’t tasted the favorite dishes of the region, their journey is incomplete. It is quite easy to follow a plant-based diet in Kenya as majority of our meals are vegan friendly.


Look for restaurants that serve vegan food. You can find plenty of vegetarian eateries wherever you go. Even the ones, who were serving non vegetarian food over the years, have now added meatless dishes to their menu.

One tip would be to go to an Indian restaurant. India is historically known for its vegetarian food habits. While in Nairobi, you can sample one of the Chowpaty restaurants – a four chain restaurant serving purely vegetarian. Rest assured you’ll find a plethora of amazing food items there.

  1. Green memories

Shopping is a must on holidays! Isn’t it?

You can never go wrong with Kenyan-made artifacts that you for sure want to carry back as souvenirs. The Masaai Market is one thing you should look forward to for your shopping.

Refrain from picking things made of leather and suede. Instead, handicrafts and artifacts of paper, cotton, jute and vegetable fiber are a good buy. Fabrics like silk, angora and wool shouldn’t be preferred either. If you love books and stationery stuff, make sure it uses hand-crafted papers which are environmentally friendly.

Such items may not be that shiny, finished and have a machine precision look but certainly add to that vintage value. Believe it or not, most things of the past are making a comeback today.

  1. A day at the countryside  

This one is my favorite, to be honest.

Immerse yourself into country living by exploring Kenyan community-based village home-stay programs // image source:

You can never experience the natural side of the terrain and landscape if you stay put in the city. People living in villages and back roads are always closer to nature. Immerse yourself into country living by exploring what the community-based village home-stay programs in the country have to offer. You might as well get your hands dirty with some farming and also enjoy varied cultural community practices while at it.

  1. Promote Veganism in style

Let your entire trip be dedicated to encouraging vegan ways. Avoid partaking in events/tourism activities that may use animals or support animal exploitation such as donkey and camel riding. Also beware of products that owe their existence to the illegal wildlife trade.

Whilst you have a blast on your trip, don’t forget to let the rest of the world in on the vegan-friendly causes and activities you partake in. Social media can be a great tool to let people in on how the world is changing and growing responsibly.

Final Words –

Before winding up, let me share a cool marketing tip – Contribute to a cause and post it on Instagram. You’ll be amazed by the resultant reach and number of people you’ll appeal to!

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