What is Life Insurance?

What is Life Insurance?

What is Life Insurance?

Buying life insurance doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of a nice evening in. However, it is something we should all consider at some point. We all want to protect those closest to us, right?

I know your brain might click into autopilot when you hear “life insurance” but getting it sorted could  be a lot easier than you think. At its very simplest, life insurance is a contract. You set this contract up between yourself a life insurance company. This contract promises to pay out an amount of money when you die. 

Putting some thought into it now it can make things for your family so much easier. Life Insurance comes down to wanting the best for your loved ones. 

That warm fuzzy feeling of having done the right thing can only takes a few minutes. Don’t get that every day, do you? 

Do you need Life Insurance? 

Financial talk is liable to send chills up your spine, especially when it comes to life insurance. A pretty common reaction is “I’m young and healthy, why would I need to take out life insurance?”. 

As we get older we have things like houses, children and spouses to look after. Being able to protect these wonderful things sounds pretty good, right? 

You could well be in the prime of your life, but the reality is that you don’t know what is around the corner. 

Life insurance is a way of making sure your loved ones don’t have to worry about all those financial commitments. At Smart, we can give you the tools to help protect  the people that are most important to you. 

Smart Life Insurance 

Smart Life Insurance can be broken down into 2 straightforward policies. I know your financial jargon senses might be tingling but really, it’s quite simple. Here’s a quick overview of them: 

  • Family Life insurance
  • Guaranteed Life Insurance

All these policies offer protection should the worst happen, but the policy choice is up to you. At Smart we want to simplify the process and give you that all important peace of mind. 

What is Family Life Insurance?

Starting a family can be pretty scary. Somehow, in the end, those sleepless nights, nappy changes and nights in are worth it. Wanting to protect your family is an instinct that we all share. That’s where our Family Life Insurance policy comes in. You can leave something behind should the unexpected happen. 

If you live in the UK and are aged 18 to 64, you can apply for our Family Life Insurance policy. 

With our Family Life Insurance policy you’ll be protected in the event of your death or if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. You can choose your payout level to fit with your needs and budget. With this policy there is a big choice you need to make. Whether you want to go for an Age-Based or a Level Policy. At its simplest it’s the choice to increase your payout over the years or if you just want the payout to be fixed. 

A Level Policy is perfect if you’re looking to budget for what you’ll pay all along. An Age-Based policy is ideal if you’re okay with your premiums increasing over time. 

Like snowflakes, no two families are the same. So with that in mind we offer some options for add-ons too. These options are Critical Illness cover or Children’s cover.

Find Out More About Family Life Insurance

What is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

For you, the idea of getting insured might be bringing up worries about your health or your financial situation. At Smart we understand that everyone's situation is different. That’s why we have our Guaranteed Life Insurance. 

This policy does exactly what it says on the tin! If you are a UK resident between the ages of 30 and 80 you are guaranteed to be accepted. From £3.57* a month you can make sure that there’s something left behind for your family. 

There are no medical or health questions, so the whole process is simple. If you don’t feel like talking to someone you can even apply online! Which means you can get some protection sorted out in minutes.

This is a straightforward plan where you select the benefit amount between £2,000 and £20,000, depending on your age. Your premiums (the amount you pay each month) won’t change for the whole length of the policy. So, no surprises in your bank account. 

You’ll get cover for accidental death straight away and cover for death by any cause after 24 months. We’ll also pay 3 times the benefit amount should your death be as a result of an accident. 

*For a 30-year old, on an individual policy with £2,000 of cover

Find Out More About Guaranteed Life Insurance

Things to consider with all policies: 

  • There is no cash-in value at any time
  • Inflation may reduce the value of your benefit amount

Live life with Smart Insurance

Life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. You can protect the most important things in your life today. Sometimes you just want to talk it all over with a real person. You can get in contact with our award-winning UK based call centre and one of our agents will help you out. 

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