University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Internship

University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Internship

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Are you a graduate student looking for an internship opportunity that will give you hands-on experience in your field of study? Look no further than the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) internship program. This highly competitive program offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain practical skills and knowledge while working alongside experienced professionals. In this article, we will discuss the details of the UNTH internship program and how you can apply.

About UNTH

The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) is a leading healthcare institution in Nigeria, providing high-quality medical care and training for healthcare professionals. The hospital is located in Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State, and serves as a referral center for other hospitals in the region. UNTH is committed to providing excellent patient care, conducting groundbreaking research, and training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The Internship Program

The UNTH internship program is open to graduate students in various fields, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory science, and other allied health professions. The program runs for 12 months and is divided into three phases. During the first phase, interns will rotate through different departments, gaining exposure to various specialties and procedures. In the second phase, interns will be assigned to a specific department where they will work closely with a mentor to develop their skills and knowledge. The final phase involves a research project, where interns will have the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of experienced researchers.

Benefits of the Program

The UNTH internship program offers numerous benefits to participants, including:

  • Hands-on experience: Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals, gaining practical skills and knowledge that will be valuable in their future careers.
  • Networking opportunities: The program provides a platform for interns to network with other healthcare professionals, which can lead to future job opportunities.
  • Exposure to cutting-edge technology: UNTH is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, allowing interns to work with the latest technology in their field.
  • Stipend: Interns will receive a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses during the program.

How to Apply

To be eligible for the UNTH internship program, applicants must be graduate students in their final year of study or have completed their studies within the last two years. They must also possess a valid F1 visa for international students. The application process involves submitting a completed application form, a CV, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member. The application deadline is usually in April, and successful applicants will be notified in May.


The UNTH internship program is a highly competitive and prestigious opportunity for graduate students to gain practical experience and develop their skills in a leading healthcare institution. If you are interested in applying for the program, be sure to submit your application before the deadline. We wish you the best of luck in your application and future endeavors.

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