Try not to lose trust


Try not to lose trust. Kindly accept there are 1,000 wonderful things hanging tight for you.

Be confounded, it's where you start to learn new things. Be broken, it's where you start to recuperate. Be baffled, it's where you begin to settle on additional real choices. Be miserable, since, in such a case that we are bold enough we can hear our heart's insight through it. Be anything you are at this moment. No seriously stowing away. You are commendable, consistently.

Be pleasant to yourself. It is difficult to be content when somebody treats you all the time poorly.

We are alive. What's more, presently the work is to be gentle with ourselves and with the world. I need such a sweet life for you. I need the wildness of consideration, of the light coming past that certain point, of your own hand carrying a cup to your mouth. Of affection, which will withstand such a great deal longer than the fire.

You are in excess of a rundown of missteps and in the event that anybody lets you know in any case, let it be the last they make.

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