Loneliness for When You Feel Sad or Alone

The brain is more honed and quicker in withdrawal and continuous isolation. Innovation flourishes in detachment liberated from outside impacts beating upon us to handicap the imaginative brain. Be distant from everyone else — that is the mystery of innovation: be distant from everyone else, that is when thoughts are conceived." - Nikola Tesla

"Isolation, whether persevered or embraced, is a vital passage to unique idea."- Jane Hirschfield

"Make an opportunity to be distant from everyone else. Your smartest thoughts live inside isolation." - Robin Sharma

"Ability is sustained in isolation… A production of significance must be delivered when its creator disconnects himself, it is an offspring of isolation."- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"Isolation is the start of all opportunity."- William Orville Douglas

"Whoever is thoroughly enjoyed isolation is either a wild monster or a divine being."- Aristotle

"Develop isolation and tranquil and a couple of earnest companions, as opposed to crowd cheer, clamor and large number of gesturing colleagues."- William Powell 

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