Over $500 Dollars!

That’s what costs to create a promotional video by a professional video maker. We all can’t afford it, especially startups and local businesses or even individual entrepreneurs who just started online based business.

So, how can you promote your business in a lucrative way without spending such a big amount on promotion videos? This article will save your marketing budget by revealing the best promotional video makers that won’t break your bank.

Not all video creation software is developed for the same purpose, let’s say Adobe Premiere Pro which is an advanced video editor that requires a long learning curve and a high-end computer.

Don’t worry, I will be sharing those specific promotional video making software that neither requires a long learning curve nor the high-end computer.

Let’s get started with first one from our list of best promotional video makers that can be used by anyone.

1. InVideo

Millions of media assets, various objects, animations, beautiful transition, music collection etc these are what you need to create an eye catchy promotional video for your product or brand. Luckily, InVideo is equipped with more than these and hence climbed the top of this list of best promotional video makers. Due to being online based software you can create and render videos from anywhere in the world with any low powered computer.

Apart from promotion videos, you can create full length Youtube videos and even convert your articles into videos using InVideo software. Oh did I mention? that with InVideo you will get access to thousands of pre-made templates via which you can created promo videos within minutes. TRy out by signing up for the trial version and taste the power of this online video maker.

2. Create Studio

Create Studio is more of an animation creator than regular video creator. Despite being a desktop software, it can run on medium configured computer. There are thousands of pre-made elements, objects, animation and more which will give you full experience of being an animator. You can even created 3D promotional videos, doodle based videos, character based story telling videos with this piece of highly powerful animation creator software. You can get your hands on this software by paying one time fee and never worry about recurring monthly payments.

3. Canva

Most probably you already heard of Canva as an online photo editor tool, right? Then what this tool is doing here? Canva has introduced video creation functionality to expand its uses and to gain more traction. Hence, Canva became a pretty handy tool for creating promotion videos within minutes. Though, to make the tool easy to use Canva lacks some advanced functions regarding complicated elements and transition but still you can easily use it as your daily promotional video maker tool.

4. Render Forest

This is a go to place for most people to get pre-made promo videos and intro animations within minutes. You can use it as a monthly driver along with pay as you go assistant for creating promo videos. Render Forest is more than just an online based video making tool which made it a reliable platform for freelance visualizers and video makers as they can use it to get logos, intro videos, mockups, website templates etc.

5. Wave

Wave is a modern handy tool for creating short videos including trailers, promotional videos, social media videos and more. You can call it the Canva for videos due to its easy to use functionalities. If you are looking for a super easy tool for making promo videos only then go for it because despite being a very handy tool it lacks few advanced features. However, for promotional videos Wave has a big collection of pre-made templates which can be edited within minutes.

6. Promo

The name says it all, Pormo is specially developed for creating promotional videos within a short time and with low effort. Promo has literally over 3,000 pre-made templates for almost every industry you can think of. Despite having such a humongous amount of pre-made templates only for promotional videos, I am not pleased with this online based promotional video makers only because of the high price tag. Need to mention that, most of the templates are very similar with slight variation for different industries.

You can literally have almost similar templates with way lower expense with other online video maker tools. Don’t get me wrong, Promo is one of the best tools you can buy if your solo purpose is to create only product or brand based promotional videos but the pricing isn’t justified compared to other tools in my opinion.

7. Animoto

Though the name entices us to think about animation but the core functionality of Animoto is very similar to other online based video editors. Create Studio is the only true animation software in this list which I already mentioned above. However, Animoto has its own unique 2D animations that can be implemented on any video or text. It can become your most handy companion for creating promo videos on the go.

8. Biteable

Lucky or Brave enough to invest in SEO! What should I say for this quick and handy online video maker? Biteable gets thousands of new eyeballs every day due to its strong ranking position on Google. Seems I am getting out of track but I mentioned this just to let you know that if you get Biteable on the top of Google that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool out there. Let’s talk on point now, Biteable is another great tool for making small videos for brands or social media but there is nothing exceptional to mention.

9. Lumen5

Though Lumen5 is sitting at the bottom of my list but there is no way to taking this tool lightly. Lumen5 is designed to create videos for social media, brands and products. What I loved about this tool is, it’s focused on how the users are using the tool and getting benefited. You can check the case studies section to learn how other brands have used Lumen5 to run better branding campaigns and got benefited.

Finally here comes my final thought, I have used several both online and desktop based video editors that can be used for multiple purposes. I know the hard track that one need to face when it comes to video editing. Online based tools are good in a sense that these can be used on low powered PC and your files are saved on cloud servers that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Hence, I recommend InVideo which is a pretty powerful tool, needs no high end PC just like other desktop based software as well as won’t break your bank. If you are more into Animation type of stuff then Create Studio is what I would like to recommend over InVideo.

If you have previous experience of using any above mentioned tools then feel free to share your thoughts.