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According to a research by Ahrefs, 91% web pages get literally no traffic at all. Only the rest of the 9% web pages are getting all the traffic of the internet world. This article on best website traffic generators could be the key to take your site from the traffic-less 91% category to the top 9% category by generating unlimited traffic on demand.

Visitors are the blood cell of any website, hence a website without visitors has no value. However, traffic has many purposes for a website based on need. Some sites need sales, some need leads, some need calls and some need just the traffic either for making money from ads or to improve web metrics like Alexa rank. Web traffic generators are mostly helpful for improving rank and making money out of ads.

1. Babylon Traffic

Babylon Traffic is the most website traffic generator that comes with many smart features and at very affordable pricing. You can start with the free demo traffic and taste the quality yourself before even paying any money.

Monthly plans of this traffic network are designed to get consistent Google analytics approved traffic throughout the whole month. Get full control on crucial performance metrics like bounce rate, time on site, average page views, source country, device type etc with Babylon Traffic.

Full traffic controlLimited traffic plan
Multi-device traffic sources
Keyword based traffic
Good customer support

2. Sigma Traffic

You can double your traffic at very cheap budget using the traffic generator of Sigma Traffic. You can have control over several web performance metrics such as bounce rate, return rate, session time, device type and even traffic source type.

Monitoring the whole campaign is very easy using the easy to understand dashboard of Sigma Traffic. Take advantage of this low price and generate immense amount of traffic to your websites.

Very low priceAt max 3 pages per visit
Up to 5 minute session
Country, State and City targeting

3. SERP Empire

Looking to increase the conversion rate of clicks on the search engine result page? Then SERP Empire must be on your choice list. Click-through Rate of search engine plays an important role in SEO ranking and this tool effectively works to drive up the CTR on search engine result page. It means, source associated with this tool will search on Google for the keyword that you want to rank and will intentionally click on your site.

Boost SEO rankingLittle bit expensive
Quick result
Real human clicks
Click and Geo control

4. LikesPlanet

Engagements on Social media networks are a big proof of popularity as well as a massive source of viral traffic. LikesPlanet is mainly a social signal generation platform where lots of people from all around the globe share each others content on their social profiles. However, after digging deeper I found it’s a great source of traffic which can help you to generate around 5-10K traffic per day.

On top of that, you can also get specific actions or jobs done at a very cheap price ($0.02 – $0.10) from this platform. Thus, you can use LikesPlanet to improve your average pageviews, page duration, app installs etc.

Very affordableNot highly scale-able
Social traffic
Direct traffic
Multiple jobs can be done

5. Super Traffic

Super Traffic is a new addition to the list of best traffic generating software which comes with some exclusive and new features such as GA4 compatibility, language control, night and day traffic control etc. In addition, you are getting all the necessary options to control your website traffic.

Super Traffic comes with navigation funnel for better traffic diversification along with fully dedicated support team using live chat and email. Try out this new traffic generating tool and get the best out of all kinds.

Very low priceMax time on page 2 mins
Advanced control panel
Adsense and Analytics safe
Strong support team

6. EasyHits4U

Perhaps EasyHits4U is the largest crowdsource of people who are interested in traffic exchange. Over 1.5 million members are here to visit your website on a daily basis and make your site popular. You will be shocked to know that even some big brands like eToro, ETrade etc. participate in such traffic exchange networks to make their site popular and improve web metrics.

Social TrafficNot highly scale-able
Many Geo locations
Different types of ads

7. LinkCollider

LinkCollider is very similar to LikesPlanet which is mainly a social share exchange platform. However, LinkCollider has evolved massively within the last few years and came up with way more features that will help you to get direct traffic, social media traffic and even SEO traffic. It includes many SEO tools such as link generator, article spinning tool, link indexing etc.

Very diversified featuresLow quality SEO tools
Social traffic
SEO tools
Very affordable

Finally, now you know about the top website traffic generators.

Before choosing which one you should go for, you need to be clear about your target or what you want to achieve. Based on your need and budget you can go for any traffic generation tool that I have mentioned above.

You are always most welcome to share your feedback and personal experience via the comment section.