How to get a virtual dollar card without an international bank account

How to get a virtual dollar card without an international bank account

How to get a virtual dollar card without an international bank account

If you shop online very frequently, make a lot of subscription payments or travel often, then you understand the hassle of getting an international card that works for all of these payments. Today, a lot more people are making online and international transactions even more frequently and it’s no surprise that more Nigerians are turning to virtual cards as a means of payment.

With Payday, you can create a virtual dollar card without having to create an international bank account, and you can do this in a few minutes. 

Before we tell you how, what is a virtual card?

An International Virtual Card is a digital card that can be used to make payments online in foreign currency. You can use it to make payments on international websites, stay up to date with your entertainment subscriptions and more. 

There are several benefits to using an International Virtual Card as a Nigerian. It is a convenient way to make international transactions without having to leave the country and it is more secure than using a physical card, as there is no risk of the card being lost or stolen.

But why is it so tough to get an international card as an African?

Gone are the days when traveling abroad was only for the wealthy. Today, more and more Africans are studying, working, and doing business in foreign countries. Here are some of the difficulties that Africans face when trying to get a foreign card and possible solutions to these challenges.

  1. High Requirements and Documentation

One of the biggest challenges for Africans trying to obtain a foreign card is the high requirements and documentation. Banks and financial institutions in foreign countries have strict regulations and high standards that must be met before one can obtain a card. The documentation required can be extensive and time-consuming, with some institutions requiring proof of income, proof of address, and a credit score. For many Africans, especially those who are students or just starting their careers, meeting these requirements can be difficult.

  1. Lack of Local Presence

Another challenge that Africans face when trying to get a foreign card is the lack of local presence. Many foreign banks and financial institutions do not have branches or offices in African countries, which makes it difficult for Africans to apply for a card. In some cases, Africans may have to travel to the country where the bank is located to apply for a card. This can be expensive and time-consuming, and may not be feasible for many people.

  1. Limited Options

Finally, Africans also face limited options when it comes to foreign cards. Many banks and financial institutions offer cards that are only available to citizens or residents of certain countries. This means that Africans may not have access to some of the best cards and rewards programs that are available to others. Additionally, some foreign banks may not accept certain types of African identification or may have restrictions on the types of transactions that can be made using their cards.

What are the benefits of getting a Payday virtual card?

  • Our cards are globally accepted.
  • For security purposes, you can lock your card(s) to stop it from being used on any site. Please note that when your card is locked, you won’t be able to make any transaction with it unless you unlock it.

How to get a virtual card on Payday without having an international bank account.

On Payday, we have two card options available to use for transactions and they are all virtual cards. These cards are used for international transactions like Ali express, Apple subscription, Amazon, etc. These cards are;

  • Mastercard (Dollar)
  • Visa (Naira)

You have downloaded the Payday app and are done with setting up your account and getting past the KYC stage, you now have to create your card. 

Create Card

To create a card, click on the card icon below at the bottom of your screen and choose any card of choice. You will then be asked to fund the card with a minimum amount after which your card will be created instantly. 


For the Dollar Mastercard, the user clicks on the top up sign and inputs the amount of money (in dollars) that they would like to add to their card, same goes for Naira Visa card. You need to have funds in your naira account to proceed successfully with this. 


To withdraw, click on the withdraw icon and input the amount to be withdrawn after which you will be asked to swap the USD to Naira. If you have a USD account already, the funds will automatically go to your USD account. 

Minimum Balance

To activate the virtual cards, there has to be a minimum amount to be on the card;

  • Dollar Mastercard – $5
  • Dollar Visa – $5

Getting a virtual card makes international online transactions more convenient and we at Payday want to ensure that experience is seamless for our users. 

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