Motherly touch:|The Power of Organic Powders |

 Motherly touch:|The Power of Organic Powders|

Motherly touch

Motherly touch:|The Power of Organic Powders|

It is the economy of the family that determines what we do next at each stage. Such an environment has made me not only a businesswoman but also a human being who can help many people in their food work at a low cost,” says Krija Natarajan. On the one hand, even though we are busy in the morning with office work, housekeeping, and children’s needs as a mother, we still have a few hours for ourselves. Girija has turned those few hours into a career. 

“There is time in the mornings, so I thought why should we not prepare meals? I started working on the idea. I make idli, dosa, and khichdi in the name of home cooking. Not only that, I am also making more than 20 powder varieties and organic juice varieties. My hometown is Chennai. My husband and I were working in a company. Even the superior in that company is remorseful. 

I also came out when my husband left. Surely even if I am there, problems and anger will return to me. Why bother? After deciding like this, we both left the job at the same time. When I thought about what to do next, I asked my husband, ‘Why don’t you start a company yourself?’ He was also obsessed with that idea. He started a company for us when time and time came to start the company. A laptop, home is an office. The sofa is the meeting place. 

The company was new, but we only had the mindset of being our own company. Once the company is started, you will not see money immediately. With the family finances in trouble, I decided to take the plunge and fix it myself. I started doing whatever work was available. I was working in an office until an hour before my first child was born. There was only so much passion and the desire to progress. It definitely takes time to grow your own company further. 

Until then… lots of questions like children’s education, care? That’s when we thought why not make these organic powders and organic juices ourselves and sell them. Even so, I will only buy from area merchants and shops until it runs out. I never buy ingredients that are not visible to the eyes in the supermarket. And I will not buy some rice or some dal even for food orders like idli, dosa, or khichdi. What I give to my skin is what I use for cooking. For this, I am Perita Promotion, Don’t even try ads. For many years, my friends, relatives, and acquaintances spread through them and every customer came,” shared Girija Natarajan about his excellent powders. “‘Motherly Touch’, I will not say that my cooking should be like that. My goal is mostly organic, direct-trade produce and vegetables. 

I make fifty types of powders like idli powder, dal powder, sambar powder, karuveplai powder, kollu powder, paprika powder, rasab powder, arachuvita sambar powder, mint powder, sada sambar powder, sesame powder, manali wathal powder, gourd powder. Next, Rava Dosa Mix and Pizzarat Mix are also available. Simply add water and leave for half an hour to blow the dosa. Add onions and green chilies if required. Adding curd gives it a slightly sour taste. My only goal is not to make cooking more tiring if working women like me walk into the house. 

Minimum 15 minutes, maximum 40 minutes how to cook for this I do whatever I can make powders and mixes for this. Also, before going to work, I cook home-cooked meals in the same style as I cook for my boys who come from town to town and work in my office. For festivals, even if it’s small at home, people I know will order and buy food. Ginger lemon, pineapple, apple. Currently, I am making these three fruit juices. That means I have ready-made organic paste. 

Just mix it with water and the juice is ready. Idiyappam, Ragi Idiyappam, and Puttu are also available in these flour varieties. Next, my only goal is to somehow bring home-cooked food to the cows who are staying here for work after leaving their hometown and their ties. I have made all my plans for this. My family also encourages me a lot and gives me a lot of support” says this motherly woman Girija Natarajan with satisfaction.

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